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Diesel Loco SD40-2 Conrail 6381
Article No. : E31455
Weight : 3,00 kg
Price : Rp. 6.400.000
Quantity :
Total : Rp.

Since 1972 the class SD40-2 has been travelling the rails across the country. This locomotive has been manufactured by the Electro-Motive Division (EMD) of General Motors.  The 645E3 prime mover is a turbocharged 16 cylinder two-stroke diesel engine with a power rating of 3000 HP, which generates the power for the six electric traction motors mounted on the bogies. The maximum speed of 65 miles per hour (105 km/h) was quite adequate for heavy freight services. The virtually indestructible technology and the excellent maintainability made these 6-axle locomotives with a weight of 16.7 tonnes soon to be the top seller in the EMD product range.  Between 1972 and 1986 EMD - as part of the General Motors Group - sold a total of 3950 units, which are employed by many  American railroads across the US, Canada and Mexico. The Union Pacific (UP) and the Burlington Northern (BN) – after the take-over of the Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe (ATSF) known as the BNSF – had the largest fleets of about 600 units each. Despite the fact that the locomotives were already about 40 years old, in 2010 the Norfolk Southern (NS) commenced the refurbishment of 143 locomotives and equipped them with an in-house developed cab, the so called Admiral Cab, and low hoods in their own workshops. Due to the long period of procurement the SD40-2s even served at times when legendary locomotives such as streamlined F7s or ALCo PAs were still in service.

·         Power unit: Five-pole motor with flywheels driving four axles

·         4 traction tires

·         ESU Universal electronics with plug-in centre pick-up

·         Universal wheel sets for reliable operation on Märklin® C- and K-tracks as well as 2-rail track systems by Fleischmann (Model and Profi), Peco, Piko, Roco (2.5 mm, Line and Geo-Line) and Tillig Elite

·         Prototypical ditch lights on the running boards or beacon lights (strobe light or strato light) on the roof

·         Suitable for a minimum radius of 358 mm

·         New LokSound functions “Drive hold”, “Run 8”, “Coast”, “Independent Brake” and “Dynamic brake”

·         Equipped with standard (European style) coupler (US style knuckle couplers provided)

·         Shell with specific details according to era and locomotive number

·         Open work fan grills

·         Furnished cab interior in several colours








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