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Analog SOUND BOX Sound Card sold separately
Article No. : K22102
Weight : 2,00 kg
Price : Rp. 3.950.000
Quantity :
Total : Rp.



What’s new?
With the latest program employed, updated functions are now installed as standard features such as playing the sound of the VVVF equipped electric trains, diesel trains and emergency stop in addition to the conventional sound cards and the function to switch to controller priority mode.
The analog method able to play with soundbox without any conversion added to the rolling stock itself.
The Sondbox is equipped with input and output terminals. Connecting it with external speaker or with microphone or smartphone makes it is possible even to mix in such external sounds as announcements in a station or by conductors.


Each volume knob has now gradation added for easier adjustment.
Sondbox is only to control “Sound” while Power Pack on hand can be used to run rolling stock by speed and direction control.. No more device is unnecessary to buy.
With the speaker built in Soundbox, it is unnecessary to change rolling stock mechanically for the installation.
Insertion of separately sold sound cards in the soundbox enables you to enjoy running various kinds of rolling stock with the sounds.
Soundbox is characterized with playing the sound automatically in synchronization with the move of rolling stock.
Soundbox is equipped with 6 push buttons to play the kinds of sound you like such as whistle or brake, etc.
The soundbox can be easily connected with power pack for running rolling stock by using a jump code. The power can be supplied easily by connecting it to the snap terminals on the side of power pack.




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