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Starter Set Series KIHA58 Express Diesel
Article No. : K10023
Weight : 5,00 kg
Price : Rp. 2.740.000
Quantity :
Total : Rp.



Kato will make in N scale KIHA 58, which is indispensable to talk about JR diesel trains, in a full renewal version by modifying the scale molds in response to the requests from numerous railroad model fans.
The express diesel train KIHA58, widely used throughout Japan since the debut in 1961, contributed to the railroad transport in Japan during the high economic growth period. As electrifying progressed, the train, carrying passengers in rural un-electrified areas, remained in service on un-electrified lines for a long time. It tended to be operated as long trains in urban areas and as short trains in regional areas so as to be seen in many kinds of train consists. Kato is now going to supply such series KIHA 58 in an N-scale starter set complete with power pack and tracks.



● KIHA58/28 converted version to air-conditioned car furnished with flat front windows unequipped with snow plow and equipped with coverless typhon
● KITO28 eaves trough raised on the roof sides
● KIHA65 Wheels represented with part looking like disk brake typhon with slits
● The prototype is of 50s belonging to JNR.
● Cars with grey window sealing rubber
● The through door on the end car equipped with a diaphragm frame so a ay (with turnoff switch). Bulb color LED is used.
● Body-mount tight coupler.diaphragm can be fitted on if you want.
● Except for KIRO28 all the cars have operative head/taillights front destination displ


Optional Parts

●Passenger Car LED Lighting Kit (Clear) Item No.:11-211


●Passenger Car LED Lighting Kit for 6 Cars (Clear) Item No.:11-212 




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