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LokProgrammer unit
Article No. : E53451
Weight : 0,60 kg
Price : Rp. 3.000.000
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LokProgrammer unit, power supply, serial PC cable, manual, software CD, USB adapter (Dimensions: 95mm x 85mm x 22mm (3.74 inch x 3.35 inch x 0.87 inch) 

LokProgrammer Set: LokProgrammer, power supply, serial PC cable, USB adapter, Software CD ROM, user manual (Size: 95mm x 85mm x 22mm) 

Do you want to experience the sound spectrum of your favorite locomotive on your layout? With the ESU LokProgrammer no problem! The only requirement is a PC with a sound card, serial port (or USB) and Windows (from Windows 98, or better, Windows 2000 or XP). Simply take on the original sound of your engine, and edit them on the computer after. The settings of all ESU decoders - So all LokSound decoders and LokPilot - can be changed using the LokProgrammer according to your wishes - so that your personal Railroad Feeling nothing stands in the way. Thanks to the Windows graphical user interface manages the optimal adjustment of the decoder, even without programming experience. Never adapt a digital decoder was so easy!


   What can the LokProgrammer?  


  • Changing the data stored on the LokSound module Sounds
  • Setting / changing of all digital parameters of the LokSound decoder as locomotive address, speed, maximum speed, braking deceleration, brightness of bulbs etc all options can be easily controlled with the mouse on the PC - no tedious of CVs (configuration variables) on the control unit!
  • Compile sound data newly and transferred to the LokSound decoder. It all sounds are used, which can be loaded onto the hard disk of your PC
  • Sounds can be assigned to different events
  • Triggering additional sounds via the function keys   









With the LokProgrammer you can erase the sound data each LokSound decoder as often and replace it with another sound. To this end, we offer more than 400 different, fully matching sounds of various series and types to download to. But you can change individual parts of a sound project: You do not like the whistle on the decoder? Then replace the Just through one of the many others! Suitable sources beside those offered by us, are in Windows * .wav format available Sound - even voice or music is no problem for our decoders! With the LokProgrammer's aid you use the entire flexibility and functionality offered by LokSound decoders.  














But also for all other ESU decoders of the LokProgrammer's versatility; whether DCC, multiprotocol, M4 decoder. With its help, you can each conveniently and easily change all the settings of the respective decoder. Depending on the decoder in this case varies the number of options available. In addition to addresses, acceleration and braking acceleration values, this concerns mainly the soft keys (function mapping), the allocation of special effects to the individual outputs, or the lamp brightness. Even when optimizing back EMF parameters or the speed table can help you the LokProgrammer. All options can be set comfortably There is no tedious of CVs on the digital station anymore  














And so easy is it for you: The LokProgrammer is a small programming box, which is connected between the PC and a programming track. To connect, you need either a vacant serial interface, or use the supplied USB adapter cable (works with Windows 2000 or Windows XP). For power we include a mains adapter (500mA) with the same. Who needs more electricity (eg for track 1 models) can also use a conventional model railroad transformer.  














Then start up the especially user-friendly LokProgrammer software, which is included on CD-ROM. This runs on all modern Windows-systems from Windows 98. Set the loco with the ESU decoder on your programming track and you can read out the decoder data, edit or program. The program automatically recognizes the decoder you have installed in your locomotive.  






Open The LokProgrammer is recommended not only for our ESU decoders: Many well known model railroad manufacturers factory-furnish their locos with ESU-decoders, which of course also - may be using the LokProgrammer set and changed - the technical specifications under. The purchase of a LokProgrammer is thus in any case, a worthwhile investment! 



The LokProgrammer is also updating decoders helpful. Almost all ESU decoders are updatable, to upload new software versions if necessary. For this purpose, you only need the LokProgrammer and a small, naturally free update program in our software section.


The LokProgrammer software is being reviewed continuously. The latest version is always available on our website for free download or can be installed automatically through the Internet update function on your computer.


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