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Starter Set N700A Shinkansen
Article No. : K10019
Weight : 5,00 kg
Price : Rp. 2.890.000
Quantity :
Total : Rp.



 The N700 Shinkansen has become a representative vehicle for the Tokaido and Sanyo Shinkansen. The N700A (series N700 1000) is a high-tech vehicle that has adopted the constant-speed driving mechanism based on the N700 series, but has been upgraded. The basic performance and appearance conform to the N700 series, but with the pursuit of more stable driving, with the new mechanism that supports the driver's driving duties, the "A" of "Advance" that means forward progress It is called by the nickname of N700A in addition to N700. Since its business debut in 2012 the numbers of N700 will be increased to replace the 700 series.

KATO adopts diaphragm couplers adopted in E5 and E6 systems that can be easily connected.

The starter set comes with a renewed package same as M1 set which also includes the Power Pack SX.




Tokaido Shinkansen, the latest N700 series 1000 series, commercialized the commonly known N700A.

● Clearly understand the difference between the N700 system, vividly reproduce the logo mark with the image of the [A] written on the side of the odd car body.

● Blue belt of the extension top, such as headlights and underfloor cover shape is different, reproduce the difference between the N700 system.

Equipped with a body inclined mechanism that is also mounted on the actual vehicle. You can enjoy the figure to run through the curve cool.

● Power is equipped with a power unit with a well-established flywheel in car 10. You can enjoy powerful running 16-car train.

The connecting portion, adopted diaphragm coupler, such as E5 system and E6 system.

● Side destination display is printed. Set for "Nozomi" and Tokyo.

● The package is the best selection type of four-car basic set paper box and foam insole. Hematopoietic set two types of book case specification.

● The book case of the four-car hematopoietic set, can accommodate the four-car basic set. Includes a set name display seal.


Starter set N700A Shinkansen

Currently, we will renew the starter set of n700A Shinkansen [Nozomi] which is active in the Tokaido Shinkansen in a compact package. Adopts the curve line R315, it is a starter set to enjoy smooth operation in shinkansen. You can enjoy driving immediately out of the box.

The package size is more compact than the last product! M1 master set and E235 system, etc. is the same size as the starter set of recent release.

The included power pack will be updated to [Power Pack Standard SX].

Set vehicle, recorded the popular N700A Shinkansen

The power pack of the set adopts the "Power Pack Standard SX" and "Starter set-only AC adapter" of high output 1.2A to correspond to the long organization.

Plan variation guide enclosed in the set is a treasure house of the line plan. You can enjoy the more developed system deployment.

Package size common to M1 master set (size width 390mm × height 355mm × depth 110mm).

There is a secret pocket in the package, and the case of the vehicle set that was requested later, you can store the track, etc.

As with the actual vehicle, equipped with a body inclined mechanism.

By aligning the hematopoietic set various sold separately, you can reproduce the 16-car train as well as the actual vehicle.

Accessories : Relayer, plan variation guide, quick start guide







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