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Diesel Loc V200 009
Article No. : E31330
Weight : 2,00 kg
Price : Rp. 8.200.000
Quantity :
Total : Rp.


ESU 31330 diesel locomotive, H0, BR V200, V200 009, DB, antique red, era III, a model state by 1962, LokSound, smoke generators, DC / AC 
NEW & Sealed 



Housing and the chassis made of metal


Small parts made of brass and plastic are separately


Steps made of brass. Free-standing handrails


Broken roof fan grill


sprung buffer


Setting guided clutch standard NEM 362


5-pin skewed armature high-performance motor with noise-optimized commutator with two flywheel masses


3 axes driven via cardan and worm gear


Two adhesive rings


Universal electronics


Headlights, cab lighting, driver's console lighting, engine room lights are maintenance-free warm white LEDs


Control by ESU LokSound V4.0M4 decoder with two large speakers


curve sensors


"Power Pack" storage capacitance for uninterruptible power supply


Two load-sensing, fan-based smoke generator with temperature control


Length buffer 209.7 mm


Minimum radius 360 mm



digital features

Digitized original driving noise of a V200


Bugle, load dependent smoke extraction


Direction of travel Lichtwechsel


Trainborne peak and final signal switchable




Führerstand-, Führerpult- and engine room lighting


Switchable smoke generator


Switchable noise when cornering



analog functions

Digitized original driving noise of a V200


Direction of travel Lichtwechsel




Locomotive in representative packaging


Extensive spare parts package with traction tires and spare small parts (windscreen wipers, steps, etc.)


Pipette for filling the smoke generator


Extensive documentation with model information






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